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Thirumeeyachur - Lalithambigai (Re Visited Blog)

I had been to Thirumeeyachur , the divine village situated in South of River Kaveri 2 Kms. West of Peralam near Mayiladuturai (Nagapattinam District). Here i share the details i collected in the temple as well as from various sites for reader convinience

God : aruLmigu migurA aruNEshwarar (mEghanAtha swAmi) aka MuyarchiNatheswarar
Goddess : aruLmigu lalitAmbikA (shA.ntanAyaki)
Tree : man^dhAram
thiirtham : sUrya puShkaraNi, kALi thIrththam
padhikam : thiru nyaana chamban^dhar – 1

History: Synopsis
Download Thirumeeyechur Temple Synopsis here
(Ref Blog Vaaram Oru Aalayam)
Karththuru, vinathai are the two wives of kashyapa mahaR^iShi. They had a fight in between them about the black spot on the tail of uchchaisiravas - indra's horse. Repenting they came to thirumIyachchUr and worshiped the Lord. The Lord blessed then and gave them an egg each, asked to preserve for an year to get splendid sons. They got garuDan, aruNan respectively.

When aruNan took the form of mOhini (charming girl) sun despoilt her. When aruNan pleaded to the Lord, He cursed sun to get darkened. As per His advise, sun worshiped the Lord at thirumIyachchUr for seven months.

Surya Bhagavan is believed to have workshipped Lord Siva as Gajaaruda seated on an elephant among thick clouds. Hence the Gajruda Vimana Still as his darkness did not change, he cried in grief, "hE migurA".
The Goddess got angry at the sun for shouting in Their abode. The God pacified her saying sun was looking for relief. (This Pacifying scene is depicted by the sculpture ) One of the key attraction of this temple is this sculpture where Lord Shiva is holding parvati's cheeks ...its said that Lord is pacifying the mother of universe. In one angle the sculpture godess appears to be in anger on the other angle she looks romantic.
By His Grace sun was cured. The pacified Goddess does austerities getting the name sha.ntanAyaki.
From the mouth of shakti appeared the vachini dEvatas and they gave to the world lalitA sahasranAmam .
Listen Laitha Sahasranamam : Click Here

hayagrIvar conveyed to sage agasthiyar lalitA sahasranAmam.
As told by him agasthiyar came to this temple and worshiped the God in the "AmlA phalAdi kraNa pUja" as done by the sun and saluted "srI lalitAMbikA". yama dharma rAja worshiped the Lord here.
Sage Agastya is believed to have sung Lalita Navaratnamala in praise of the Goddess. He has also composed a hymn named Rahasyanamasahasram. Saivite saints Tirugnana Sambandar and Tirunavukkarasar have sung in praise

  1. Sun worships the Lord with his rays falling on the Lord from 21st to 27th of chiththirai.
  2. Auspicious place to chant lalitA sahasranAmam
  3. gajapR^iShTa vimAnam
  4. Glorious durgA
  5. Beautiful artworks - service by chOza kings
Lalitha Pancharathnam

Temple Snapshot:

The presiding deity of the temple is Lord Meghanatha. Rajendra Chola and Sembian Maadevi are said to have renovated this ancient temple. The consort of Lord Meghanatha is Goddess Lalitambika. Her shrine on the right has got a 5-tiered Rajagopuram. The imposing five feet idol of Sri Lalitambika is installed over Sri Chakra in the sanctum sanctorum. The deity is seated resting her folded right leg on the seat. Her left leg is in Sukhasana posture. She is said to be in Manonmani Swaroopa and hence is also known as Santanayaki.
How to reach there :

State : Tamil Nadu
District : thiruvArUr
Situation: n^annilam vattam, 1km west from pEraLam Rly. station
Nearest Town : Mayiladuthurai(21 KMs)


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